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BISTROTEA introduces the innovative TEA POD!

The T/POD (Tea Portion of Design) is a multi award winning infuser that dispenses loose leaf Ceylonese tea when inserted in hot water.


The TeaPod has quality single estate, loose leaf tea from Ceylon with natural herbal and fruit extracts. No fuss, no mess, without the need for pots or diffusers, Bistrotea can be carried with you wherever you go. All you need is a cup of hot water to make your perfect cup of pure Ceylon tea!

With 10 tastes from Black Teas to the exotic Red, Green Teas and the Sensational Fruitberry, with the benefit of superfood Goji Berry, there is a blend to suit all tea lovers!

The Tea of Tomorrow is here Today!
BISTROTEA –the Lifestyle Choice!


Bistrotea offers great benefits

Bistrotea has many great benefits over standard tea:

  • accurate proper dosage eliminates wastage
  • will not drip on the tablecloth, or your lap
  • it does not need wringing either, so no burned fingers!
  • the design also enables it to be used as a stirrer

What more could you want?

Bistrotea is presented in a soft white translucent envelope.

The paper used to make these delicate envelopes are a marvel themselves. Of Italian origin and combined with German technology, the paper is itself patented.

The ‘invisible’ technological features packed into the envelope include:

  • the delightful aroma retentiion,
  • moisture-proof
  • tear resistant.

And after stirring the Bistrotea to your own satisfaction, the Bistrotea T/POD can be slipped back into the paper envelope for easy disposal.