Ancient Teas in a Modern world

Every culture throughout the world has enjoyed the art of tea making and drinking over many centuries.

The Chinese with their gorgeous elaborate tea pots treat tea making and drinking as an art form and tea accompanies most meals not coffee.

The Japanese also treat tea making and drinking as an art form and put a great deal of thought into the making of the tea and the serving of the tea as well as the drinking of the tea and this has gone on for centuries.

In every country of the world,and there are 195 countries one will find tea being drunk as a major part of ones daily ritual.

Newsletter-Feature-ImageIt’s a Ritual

It seems there is something special about the making of tea and the consumption of tea; as it is a ritual that has endured many thousands of years.

In times of stressful situations the English will sit down and have a cup of tea to calm down and get perspective on the situation.  People will start their day with a cup of tea and drink it throughout the day and finish their day with a cup of tea.

In out back Australia the cattlemen will boil a billy of water and make a cup of tea to refresh them on their long physical days activities.


Tea is a refreshing and hydrating drink unlike coffee which dehydrates and the brain and the body’s’ organs require hydration to function at opt-ermine levels. Not only does tea hydrate the body but certain teas can detoxify the body which means that the tea fights and eliminates the toxins which collect daily in the body.

This makes tea drinking a major health benefit.

Not only is tea drinking a pleasant past time enjoyed by people throughout the world but it is a health drink. This is perhaps one of the main reasons it is used so extensively.

Teas can soothe the nerves, lift ones spirits, detoxify the body and hydrate the body and improve skin tone and health.

Bistro tea uses only the highest grade leaf teas; making it the ideal optimum tea to be drunk.

There are a variety of different teas to choose from; each having their unique flavors and benefits.

Packed into an easy to use infuser slip that doesn’t drip after use makes the Bistro tea infusers a perfect way to make a cup of tea.

Let’s keep the art of tea making alive and happening by being knowledgeable about what we are drinking , where the tea comes from, the benefits it has and how it should be made.

In recent years Australia has become a major coffee consumer but tea drinking has never gone away. Perhaps now is the time to reignite the art of tea drinking with all of its’ ritualistic attributes.

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