The Goodness of Ginger!

Dear Tea Lovers, GINGER has long been used for health related issues, such as to overcome nausea, aid in digestion, counter motion sickness and help with pain. Fresh GINGER is used foe asthma, colic, swelling and rheumatism while the GINGER ROOT is used to line and strengthen the stomach and treat disorders such as vomiting […]

Red Tea and Green tea

Both the BistroTea Red Tea and BistroTea Green Tea are health drinks rich in antioxidants. Red tea originated in Africa and is known there as a herb rather than a tea. Red Tea has more health benefits than Green Tea. The following information about tea has been verified by the USA Department of Agriculture . […]

Delicious, Delectable, Divine Teas

The teas of Bistro Tea are all Delicious, Delectable and Divine.  Why? Because they are grown organically in a pristine part of the world the quality and therefore the taste and health benefits are enhanced. Organically grown means

Ancient Teas in a Modern world

Every culture throughout the world has enjoyed the art of tea making and drinking over many centuries. The Chinese with their gorgeous elaborate tea pots treat tea making and drinking as an art form and tea accompanies most meals not coffee. The Japanese also treat tea making and drinking as an art form and put […]