Delicious, Delectable, Divine Teas

The teas of Bistro Tea are all Delicious, Delectable and Divine.  Why?

Because they are grown organically in a pristine part of the world the quality and therefore the taste and health benefits are enhanced.

Organically grown means

BistroTea Red Tea no chemicals are used in the soils or on the plants, this leads to a more pure form of leaf;  leaves that do not hold foreign chemicals or mutations.  This is a significant difference between Bistro teas and other teas on the market.

The areas in Sri Lanka where the teas are grown and harvested are pristine and beautiful with clean fresh air far away from pollution; resulting in a beautiful fresh potent product.

The range of teas that Bistro Tea stocks covers Red tea, Green Tea, Black teas and Fruit teas.

The Red tea is full of antioxidants making it a tea with great health benefits as well as an enjoyable drink that is refreshing.

Why not think of stocking all of the teas to cover all occasions?

From your morning wake up cup of tea all the way through the day to your evening cuppa before you go to sleep.  You will not tire of drinking these teas and when you have friends over you can offer them the full selection to choose from, which look great in their trendy packaging design.

The packaging is in a silver perforated sleeve that does not drip, making it very easy and clean to use.  Ideal to use every day in your home or put in your handbag, or take to work or even for cafes and restaurants to use.

We all hate the dripping tea bags and the broken string as we try to wrap the bag around the tea spoon to squeeze the drips out.  Well you don’t have to do that any more.  Use the last of your tea bags and then switch to Bistro tea or just throw the old tea bags out because they really are a painful inconvenience, and use your new Bistro tea instead.

The tea that is used by Bistro Tea is full leaf tea so when you use a Bistro Tea infusion you get the full leaf flavor. This is markedly different from many other infusions that are on the market because they use ground tea and Bistro Tea uses full leaf tea.

For a quality tea that is convenient and rich in flavor and health benefits consider Bistro tea.

Bistro tea is taking tea drinking to the next level or perhaps taking it back to what tea drinking used to be.

Be a part of it and you wont look back.

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