Red Tea and Green tea

Both the BistroTea Red Tea and BistroTea Green Tea are health drinks rich in antioxidants.

Red tea originated in Africa and is known there as a herb rather than a tea.

Red Tea has more health benefits than Green Tea.

The following information about tea has been verified by the USA Department of Agriculture . . .

Red Tea can help combat:

  • eczema,
  • the aging process,
  • heart problems,
  • cancer,
  • stomach aches,
  • muscle cramps,
  • fatigue.

Ceylon-Red-TeaGreen tea is still very much a health drink with antioxidants, but it does not have the full spectrum of health benefits as the red tea.

Both teas can be drunk either hot or cold. A cold cup of red or green tea is refreshing on a hot day and a hot cup of tea on a cold day is soothing to once soul so both teas can also be viewed as mood enhancers.

When the red tea begins to infuse into the boiling water it leaches out in a beautiful rich red color making it quite a sight sensation as well as a taste sensation.  If you are into color this one is for you.

The Bistro tea stock of teas are the next best thing in taste to the old fashioned pot of tea with loose leaf tea.

The difference is you don’t have to deal with messy tea leaves in the bottom of a pot.

When I asked my friends and family if they would try the BistroTea teas they said “Yes”.  When I asked them “Why”, they said. . .

“We will try the BistroTea teas because of the obvious health benefits and because of the convenience and no mess benefits.”

It’s reassuring to know there is a product out there in the market place that is promoting good health and good healthy habits; and that also fits the criteria of being well designed and trendy.

This is a product for everyone.  Even teenagers can drink it.


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